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Tiny Hand

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Red travel essentials
Made in Canada.
It’s 6 am and I’ve been working on these little shits for the past 8 hours. Only this first sample has come out looking half decent. I’ve been redesigning and retouching every single hat since 10 pm yesterday. WE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES BUT DAMN IS THIS STRESSFUL. Hoping you guys have a better day than me. 

We’re going to kill the hat game.
One of Yohji’s ninjas
Who is Jewell anyway?

Emotional commute

Nike to Adidas
I never really collect, I just buy shoes that appeal to me. I wear all of my kicks. This is my current rotation.
China made a bootleg of my #beentrill# inspired bootleg. If you didn’t catch this release, china has the restock. Mom we made it.
Beauty in the city
The Nike Airmax Lunar90 Moon Landing. We all managed to grab our sizes. Big shoutout to @contrabandboutique for having amazing staff and just the the best anti-resell policy. #WearYourKicks
Toronto Shoe Game