اندي تشو
Tiny Hand

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For everyone who ordered April 21st, your orders will be shipped tomorrow morning. Thanks for the love.
A picture of @shimmycocopuff taking a picture
"I’m going to rep your clothes in Uruguay and take a shitload of pictures". 

Rest in peace Nahuel. I’ll miss you brother.
 (at punta del este)
I can’t believe you’re gone man. It seemed like yesterday when we talking about our dreams and goals. We’ll break bread soon. RIP.
I never celebrate my birthday so thanks for putting in the effort guys, I really appreciate it.
Spending my birthday with these guys @janetrosee @shimmycocopuff
The tāmāde bucket hat is now available on our online shop. Today is my 19th birthday, use the code “TAMEDBIRTHDAY” for 19% off everything you buy. Today only.  tamed.bigcartel.com
Lamb skewers bro
Black box

Taken by: @tiasteaparty

Slept on these, paid the price