اندي تشو
Tiny Hand

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I’m back.
Bought a ps4 just to play destiny. I think I’m off this for a while
Monterey, CA  (at Lovers Point Beach Cove)
Wheelchair Jimmy
Fishermans Wharf, Monterey, California. 

The best clam chowder on the west coast.  (at Old Fisherman’s Grotto)
Who was your favourite DragonBallZ character? 

Tie between Krillin and Majin Buu
I’m up, I’m up #iphoneonly
7 am
Dropped by @adriftshop to set up my first deck. Shoutout to @freshezco  (at Adrift Skateshop)
Dropped by @adriftshop for my first deck. Shout out to @freshezco!
New Zealand’s @injunio shows us the way.
Mafalde ai Funghi (at Trattoria Nervosa)
Horrible News